About summed.link

Due to privacy, we do not track clicks or collect any statistics regarding the URLs you shorten.
The following information is collected when shortening a URL:

  • Long URL
  • Random generated short code
  • Date & time when the link was created
  • Expiry date
  • Whether to show redirect page or not

For more detailed information on the data we collect, check the privacy policy.

All URLs go through an automated screening process before being shortened. During this process, the URL is checked for validity.
A URL is considered valid if it's HTTP status code is: 200 (OK), 401 (Unauthorized), 301 (Moved Permanently) or 302 (Found).
Additionally, the URL and domain are checked against our blacklist in an attempt to stop abuse.
In case you spot an abusive summed.link URL please report it on Report abusive URL.

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